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Securing the AI-powered transformation

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AI is eating the world. You need to master it while protecting your data, defending against attacks, and staying compliant.

If you missed the initial cohort of Securing the AI-Powered Transformation, you are in luck, because we have collected all of the materials here for asynchronous use. In addition to the recordings, all of the slide decks, templates, and other resources are included.

Who is this course for?

  • CISOs and GRC teams looking to empower and enable their organizations to innovate safely and securely.
  • Professional services & consulting organizations who are looking to advise their clients on the risks and opportunities of generative AI.

What will this course help me do?

  1. Enumerate and assess the risks and opportunities: Describe the benefits and risks of generative AI in a way that is unique to your organization's industry, goals, and people. Build on this risk assessment to enable your organization.
  2. Understand regulatory implications: Learn about the regulatory and compliance implications of generative AI and how to incorporate it into third-party risk management programs.
  3. Develop an actionable data governance plan: Incorporate generative AI into your organization's policy and governance structure.
  4. Proactively communicate and engage: Communicate effectively with executives, auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders about your threat model, risks, policies, and more.

What's included?

When is this material from?

July 2023

How can you sign up for the next live cohort?

Get on the waitlist here!

What if you're not ready to buy?

By all means hold off until you are comfortable. In the meantime:

  1. Follow me on LinkedIn for short-form content with detailed and actionable cybersecurity advice.
  2. Sign up for Deploy Securely. In it, I go deep on AI, security, privacy, and risk management topics every week.
  3. Schedule a coaching call. I'm happy to help you with the immediate problems you are facing during a live session.
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Last updated Jul 28, 2023

8 hours of video explaining the security, compliance, and privacy implications of AI use + accompanying decks and other resources. You'll also be subscribed to the Deploy Securely newsletter.

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Securing the AI-powered transformation

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